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This is a place where you can find anything you want. 

This website is a collection of blogs suitable for anyone. But the specific about this place is the fact that you can communicate directly with the author. Literally, the author is willing to take any request, read any comment or opinion that you choose to post and even more (just scroll down and see). Enjoy the luxuries of writing, you might find something worth your while. The themes and topics of the blogs located here are various and you will find what you enjoy for certain. 

The Author

Hello, my name is Piper Blurred.
I am a law student. I am also a freelance writer and photographer. My artistic names are DistortedEyes and PiperSaysPunk. I use the name DistortedEyes for my photography, and PiperSaysPunk for everything else in general. 
I have many profiles and pages, and several blogs. I am not trying to profit from my talents. If I wanted to do that, I would host a website where every person would have to pay for my content. That's not the point that I am trying to make. 
My goal is to show people that you can share and distribute whatever you want. I am also trying to create something that is pleasant and interesting to all viewers, that's why I encourage people to contact me and communicate. This is something that should be free. I don't need money for my writing or my photography, although I would be unhappy if somebody decided to steal my work. 
This "website" contains pretty much anything you want. And I mean it! What YOU want, besides what I want. There are interesting texts and photos here that you will enjoy and reviews you will surely find helpful. If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them. I want to try and make this world a better place. But first, I have to start from myself.
Below, you can find ways to contact me. 

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My blogs:
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4. The Food Workshop                                                    (CLICK HERE)
5. The Time Machine: The Only Android                       (CLICK HERE)

6. TUMBLR: Poison for Your Brain Tonight (Photo Blog)                                             (CLICK HERE)