Technology Will Be The Death of Us

You have to admit, the human brain is a complicated thing. We have no idea what is going on in our thick heads. Still, we manage to "spit out" fabulous technological inventions that people could only dream of a hundred years ago. On the other hand, our behavior is so "infantile" that sometimes I doubt we managed to invent anything. 

Yes, computers are useful. But should we integrate them so much into our lives? We have hands and feet. We don't need all the gadgets we use in order to live a good life. Why invent 3D television? 2D is enough. Nobody thinks that way anymore. I guess that's the reason why communism could not survive. We cannot tell when something is enough. Sometimes, you don't need to push it. Just stop where you are, and savor the goddamn moment of pleasure. Don't scratch it out and start building something new just because you can.

We have all these beautiful creations around us, but we use them to destroy as we go. We are like little children: what we make, we break! We have really advanced technology, which means we have the materials to save our environment but we are not doing it. If the entire world used renewable energy resources, we could solve many problems. But we are so greedy, and underdeveloped, that we don't realize that we have great powers in our hands. We keep on using them for the wrong things. This is so bad. It makes me feel like I gave a toddler the keys to my car. He will have an accident before he even manages to turn the car on. 

Well, maybe this was a bad comparison but I guess you figured out what I mean. 
What to do? 

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