The Word That Doesn't Exist

Many people live in absolute poverty. They go to bed hungry. Their children are undernourished. They cannot go to a doctor because they have no money. Some have never even seen a real hospital. Many of them die because they cannot get any food. Their children are unable to go to school or play games on a computer. These people don’t have the luxury of choosing the color of their clothes. They cannot afford holiday celebrations. They do not have cars or jewelry. Their children do not have toys or expensive cell phones. Many of them don’t even have a roof above their heads. Sometimes, they get donations. Sometimes, they don’t.

Many people often use the word humanity. I think that, sometimes, they don’t even understand the meaning of this word. If we were all so humane, things would be different. There would not be so many hungry children in the world. Let me give you an example: humanity is giving money to starving children in Africa instead of spending it on a gay parade. Humanity is buying cottages for poor and homeless people instead of spending money on a meaningless action movie that costs millions of dollars. Humanity is feeding children and building schools for them instead of wasting money on useless bombs. There are many other examples of “humanity” that I could write down. I am not going to do that because I think that “humanity” does not exist.

Humanity is a “Hollywood blockbuster movie” lie. We invented it to feel better and to say that we helped, but in reality we did not. Humanity is our excuse when we donate one measly dollar online, without even checking if the money is really going to reach the ones that desperately need it. “Humanity” feeds our conscience with lies when we go shopping. It suffocates the voice that tells us “stop it and do something” and stuffs our emotions away, in the back of our heads. It would be wonderful if it really existed.

Food and money will turn into bigger problems in the future. In my opinion, the hungry and the poor will start a riot, and many people that are willing to help will join. This riot will be the biggest riot in history! They have every right to do this. Nothing will be able to stop them until they get what they want. I think that too many facts are provoking them to start a revolt. These facts are provoking them on a daily basis. “For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years1 I can only imagine how a group of poor people feel when they read or hear something like this.

One problem is that some of the world's poorest countries owe hundreds of billions of dollars in debt to many of the more developed countries. This restricts the ability of the government to spend money to improve local conditions because the government instead spends money repaying other governments. Many are calling for the developed countries to cancel their debt, which would mean that the less developed country would not have to repay it.2 If these debts were cancelled, many people would breathe easier. In reality, I don’t think they will ever be cancelled completely. I can’t imagine a rich politician from the European Union giving up a few thousand Euros of his enormous salary in order to save hundreds of starving children from death. Maybe I am wrong, but I think that most of the people I know would agree with me.

What to do? How to solve this? Are the lives of millions of children so spendable? Is a fancy car that I want more important than a mother who curses God every day because her starving baby died in her arms? Is filming a 3D movie more important than people who don’t have access to hospitals? Is it acceptable that an individual has more money than an entire country? Are we humans or little demons that run around places and complain about luxuries we could not get immediately? Are gay rights more important than the right of a human to eat? Is developing new gadgets more important than developing the economy of poor countries?

If I was a billionaire, I would momentarily spend most of my money on the poor and hungry. Trust me; it would take me a month to spend it all on them. I would do many things to help them properly. I would open a thousand farms or factories and get them jobs. They would have a proper salary. Their children could have a normal life. I would leave a small amount of my money to myself, just so that I could invest it into something and help people even more. You are probably thinking: “Well yes, you say that now. But would you really do it if you actually had billions of dollars?” Yes, I would. I am sick of money. If it was up to me, money would not exist at all.

We will never solve this problem. We don’t understand most things in life. We are selfish, self-centered and weak. I believe that most people don’t even care about the hungry and the poor. We think we helped when we signed up for a petition on Facebook or when we donated a couple of dollars online in one year. The “Consumer’s Society” is consuming us, and we created it. Our brains have turned into mashed potatoes and advertisements. Fashion is more important than death. We are climbing up a mountain from which we will not be able to descend. One day, we will come to our senses. On that day, however, it will be too late. It already is. How many more have to die?

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