Bomb Building and Throwing Hates On Governments
(The Sunday Piece of News That Made My Day)

North Koreans decided to build a new and more better atomic bomb. An American scientist visited their quickly built Uranium plant. The Koreans threw out the U.S. administration out of their country once already. And now, of course, the Americans just have to poke their nose where it doesn't belong (no offense to anyone) and their "concerned" for what is going to happen if they "allow" Koreans to proceed with their Uranium plant.

There is one thing I just can't understand. Why does America always have the feeling that they are obliged to "babysit" other countries? Who are they to tell Korea what and what not to do with their Uranium? I'm not saying that building a new and better atomic bomb is good, it's just that the U.S. thinks they need to control everybody. In reality, if they hadn't behaved like this for the past few years nobody would have gotten the feeling that they have to build new bombs. I guess Korea feels like their being placed through the looking glass and they want to shake Obama's underpants a little bit. Nevertheless, the thing that is "poking me in the eye" the most is: why spend money on a bomb when you can spend money on education or hungry children? Governments have gone completely berserk. They are so eager to play war that they have forgotten what are the consequences of a war. Looks like we will all die pretty soon and we can't stop it.

Or can we?

Think about it for a moment. If people from all around the world marched on their governments at the same time and at the same day, governments would be easily overthrown and we could paint ourselves a fresh beginning. Let's make a riot! ("How To Make a Riot: TUTORIAL" coming soon on my blog!) 

Let's give our children a future. Am I not right? I could list you about 50 links that would take you to articles and all of them are the same: bombs, Uranium, Plutonium and most of them have the U.S. or Korea or Afghanistan involved. Why? Why am I constantly reading articles like these?

And what's wrong with the U.S.? America used to be the land where all your dreams come true. When I was a child and thought of America, I would imagine pleasant and happy people running around their big cities. Now when I think of America, I can clearly see Obama and his administration sitting in a dark room and spying on all the countries in the world at the same time. 

What's up with that?

(NOTE: I apologize if I offended any citizen of the U.S. in this text, but I have nothing against you or any person from America. I just hate governments, all of them actually.)

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