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Did you ever feel like you wanted to become a machine?
Did you ever stop and think: what would it be like to actually be one?
Did you ever wish you could replace your heart with some kind of machinery so that you could stop your emotions?

I did. 
Medically speaking, I don't think this is possible yet. Realistically, it would be awful if this was true. But hypothetically, it sounds lovely. I think this would sound good to most people. To turn yourself into a ruthless android monster would be the "hit" of the year. It would be the new fashion amongst alternative people. Surely, I cannot imagine my mother turning into a robot. 
If you could seriously transform yourself into one, which one would you be?

I would truly love to turn myself into SKYNET, the machine from the movie "Terminator". Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The machine that almost exterminated mankind. Technically, Skynet is not a robot. It's an artificial intelligence, but it's still a machine. I would do the same thing it did in the movie: I would exterminate us. Of course, I would not feel sorry because machines have no emotions. They are perfect and rational. We are messes. We are little blurs on the face of this Earth.

What would you like to be?

This discussion is not over. 

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-Piper Blurred