Our Lives In This Wretched Second Millennium

What are we waiting for?! 
We moan and we whine about human rights and gay parades, while millions of little children starve in the deserts of Africa. You want the new i-phone and you cry because you cannot have it, while you don't give a rat's ass about the soldiers and innocent civilians who died in Iraq or Afghanistan. 
Today, we are complete hypocrites. We know this, but we keep silent because we are trying to avoid the brutal truth with our stupid silence. We let sleazy politicians do all the dirty work for us, but what we don't realize is that they are tearing up the economy and killing innocent babies for a new Ferrari. We are unsatisfied because our favorite night clubs don't have our favorite boring cocktails, but we don't care about the environment and all the floods that are destroying the lands of innocent farmers. 

Our entire life is based on:

1. GO to school, study hard.

2. GO to college (if you can pay it), study even harder. Don't think about your life or anything else, just study and work like a poor little rain worm. 

3. Get a boring job that you do not even like, just so that you can pay off your scholarship and find a decent home to live in.

4. Marry. Who? It obviously doesn't matter! Just marry anyone and have kids with anyone so that you can fulfill the social standard and say: "HEY DUDE! I have a family! Look at my kid, he'll be a doctor/lawyer one day!!!" 

5. WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. And don't forget your mortgage!!!!!

6. Retire, with nothing in your memories that could satisfy you. 

7. Die. You are an unnecessary expense to your country and to your so-called family. Especially if you are sick! Your kids can't wait to put you in a retirement home and get rid of you once and for all. Then you realize: "Oh gee, I have not lived my life the way I wanted to. I followed the social standard, and now look where I am! My bladder is falling out of me, a ugly nurse is wiping my ass every morning and I have no purpose to live again. Then you actually roll over and die!

You work for money, and you spend money on work. Yes, my fellow man, because after all: this is the way it is! This is the godforsaken social standard of the new century! You are a zombie, a living corpse that is hypnotized by television and ridiculous comedy movies and teenage American drama movies. Yes, there are individuals who are trying to fight against this pointless regime. But like I said, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Are you waiting for God to come down from a cloud and kick your ass? Are you waiting for an imaginary leader to pop out of the ground and tell you what to do!? Get off your asses, turn of your stupid Facebook or your boring television and DO SOMETHING! Your lives are at stake here! You are acting as if you don't care, while in truth: you are all slowly going crazy. I have gone crazy already.

And what about the YOUTH?! I am ashamed of you! You would rather have your pointless SWEET SIXTEEN parties than you would help somebody who is starving or who needs a few bucks just to survive because he/she cannot find a job for years. You talk about rebellion and boycott, but you are the real zombies. The regime has already sucked you into a turmoil you cannot escape from. Get up, fight, stand up to the social suffocating standard of today and show them that YOU HAVE A BRAIN! Show those suckers that you are not a bunch of mindless teenagers who like to use LSD and get wasted on college parties. Show them, you can do it!

And remember:
Don't let the system deceive you. Whatever they say on TV is an enormous lie. Never forget that.

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