Who is God? What is God? I suppose every person has their own answer to this question. Some people think he has a human form, others think he has no body at all. When I was a child I always imagined he was a young man who was lonely and he created us so that we could entertain him. My teachers used to tell me he was an old guy with a white beard, sitting on a cloud. Whatever he is, nobody will ever know for sure. Maybe he doesn't exist at all.

 Buddhists think God is cosmic energy. They have a different conception of him than most religions. They think that this energy is all around us, in space, all across the universe and we live off it and feed off it in our sleep. I think this is beautiful. Many Christians are afraid of God because they think he will punish them if they do something wrong. This idea of energy on the other hand gives me freedom of choice, rather that fear of a punishment. But if God is energy, then he has no gender.

 If he created other worlds, then it is very possible that other worlds have life too. Why do we think that we are the only ones? Because it is only human to feel special, to feel unique. Scientists think it is possible that life may appear on Titan, Saturn's moon. God is creating another Earth. Maybe he thinks we need help because we are obviously unable to keep our lives together, to keep our planet in one piece. Or maybe he wants to abandon us because we disappointed him and he's making new creatures that won't fail him.

God is giving us signs. He always gives us signs, and every time we don't follow them something happens that we usually don't want. Titan could be a sign. It could well be a warning that we should pay attention to our Earth. We are destroying her. He is giving us another planet because he wants to give us a second chance. Or maybe this is not a second chance, but a third? Some scientists think we used to live on Venus and that we destroyed her and then moved to Earth. This could be true. I would like to think that it is.

 These signs aren't instructions because if they were then it wouldn't be fair. Signs are exactly what they mean. They are hints. We are supposed to figure out the puzzle and do what we think is best. For example: scientists also discovered a planet that can already sustain life. This is a hint that we have a fail safe plan, we have a place to go to if we kill Earth. But if this planet already has its inhabitants then we shouldn't conquer their home. That's why signs aren't instructions. We should figure out what to do. How can we figure out what would be the right thing to do?

People have completely forgot about instinct. Every single time a person had “a feeling” that something was not right something bad happened. You could also call it intuition. Men say that only women have intuition. I don't think this is true. If God is in space as well as he is on Earth, then space is his kingdom too and we should follow the same moral rules we follow at home. Unfortunately some scientists are greedy and immoral and there is no certainty that they would agree upon the moral thing to do if something were to happen. I know for sure that they would conquer the planet I mentioned before without even blinking. Humans are greedy by nature, we would rather save ourselves than even think of the well being of other life forms.

 I am not an expert in theology. I am not a priest, a monk or a professor. Maybe I could be wrong about all of these things I wrote. I am just a student that has opinions on certain issues and sometimes I don't even have arguments to back up my opinions. But I am sure of one thing: energy is our creator and we should respect that energy. We don't need a bible to tell us how to behave. We don't need rules and priests and churches to order us what to do. If we think leaving Earth would be good then we should do it, but we should know how to accept the consequences. I don't want to ask myself if it is moral or not because if God gave us a sign that we should leave, then we should leave without asking questions. If we want our children to have a good future, we should stop asking questions. Our scientists should stop prying into matters they will never understand because I think that they have poked enough. Every time we poke, we find out something unpleasant or we create more unanswerable questions.

 Space is not a toy, nor is energy. It is not our own private playground. Every action has a reaction. Whatever we do affects something else and therefore we should be careful what steps we take. If we do something wrong, energy won't punish us. It wouldn't be a punishment but a failure to communicate. Like I just said, every action has a reaction. If we do something bad, the reaction will be bad. This is how nature works.

 I think that God is everywhere. Every single thing we do has God in it and he is inevitable. We have his power, even though we sometimes forget we do. Space is where we live, that's where our Earth is and we should show it as much respect as we show our own home, our own room and bed. Without respect and love towards the energy that gave us life we will eventually turn into monsters that killed their mother because they were hungry. We should never try to separate things that are not meant to be separated such as God and space. They are one, and they will always be one. 

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