The Void
                                 (We Sucked It All In)

When you walk down the street, do you ever feel like there is something missing around you? As if a piece of life's puzzle got lost underneath some bed, you try to figure out your story and the story of others but you can't put the facts together. 

Does it seem logical to you that we evolved from monkeys? I'm not sure, but I suppose the other monkeys should have shown signs of evolution too. And what about Stonehenge? I seriously doubt that "thing" was used for praying and sacrificing. When you look at the evidence, at that time they didn't even have the correct tools to build such a huge monument. And atop of all, it's still standing while some buildings that we build today, crumble and fall as if they were made out of gingerbread. 

You live your life. I don't care if you choose to live it regularly, or alternatively, as long as you live it and as long as you don't hurt anybody on purpose in this whole "complicated" process of breathing air and shitting used food. But you try to put the pieces together, right? Sometimes you feel like you can't, right? And as you walk on through your daily chores and entertainment, you realize that all the facts are spinning around like crazy. It feels like they want to suck you into a black hole and you have no idea where it will take you because black holes are still a mystery to scientists. 

Or are they?
What are they hiding from us? They're hiding something. But what?
How does that make you feel? I could scream at them for days, I would torture them to tell me. Although, sometimes, I'm not sure I want to know the whole truth. What if it's terrible? What if we are something that we actually are not? There are so many questions floating inside a person's mind, but the answers are lost or unavailable. It's the same thing when you try to call someone, and the network service tells you: "The subscriber is now temporarily unavailable, please call later."

Our governments do the same thing. However, they are not "temporarily" unavailable, but "forever" unavailable. When it's time for the elections, and when we actually and finally choose to vote for somebody else, that "somebody else" sits at the parliament chair and repeats the whole damn thing. And we're back at the start, we do the same things all over again. But even then, our questions remain unanswered. I wish I could read their minds. I wonder what kind of unpleasant things roam inside their neural synapses. They float around like ugly black stains and they poison the air with the shit they say on live TV. But we don't care, because we're not doing anything about it.

Well, that guy that created WikiLeaks, Julian, apparently did something. And he darn well did a great job! He really scared the baby Jesus out of them, because as soon as his Leaks spread across the world, all these politicians started sweating on TV and they started making up excuses that clearly WERE NOT excuses. 

But still, it feels like something is seriously missing. But what?

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