*Imaginary Cloud No. 456**WORLD PEACE and Behaviorist Bullshit* 

Did anybody ever tell you that you were worthless? Seriously, did you ever hear this word from a person's mouth and feel that it was directed straight towards you? I bet you did, or if you didn't: you will. This is a guarantee. 

You see, people possess this paradox. 
They like to talk about the goodness of the human heart, but they actually enjoy rudeness, violence, murder and offensiveness very much indeed. Yes, this is a paradox. Don't tell me you never felt the urge to put somebody down with evil words just because they felt stupid to you at the moment or you wanted to feel superior. You did, but you simply would never allow yourself to admit this. Why do we do this? 

Why do we have to behave the way that we behave? I know I'm asking all the right questions. But who will give me the answers? Nobody knows. But when you take a look at all the psychological bullshit that experts throw at our faces, you know that it doesn't feel right. It never did feel right in the first place. What to do?Some say, "world peace is the best solution". Are you kidding me? Whose leg are you trying to pull, the leg of the public or your own leg, for crying out loud?! World peace is an illusion that will never happen and we all know this, but we avoid talking about it because it is easier to live in an ideological lie. Well, if it makes you feel better, go right ahead, but I assure you: living in an imaginary "cloud number 456" world never brought anybody any good, nor will it bring you any good. Why is this so?

Because of the fact that we actually enjoy to put people down sadistically, we will never be able to obtain world pace. This is a fact. PERIOD.

- Piper Blurred

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