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Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan
Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page
Runtime: 148 minutes
Country: USA, UK

NOTE (Before I begin): 
I can only write negatively about movies that were filmed from 2007 until today. You have to admit it, most of them are painful to watch. However, in this case, I can only write positive comments because this movie is truly exceptional. My compliments to the entire cast and crew!

In a different reality, there is a machine that can invade your mind through your dreams. If you plug into that machine, you enter into your or somebody else's dream and it feels just like reality. It's something very similar to the Matrix, except that in this case, it is not an alternative reality but the dream realm. Leonardo plays this guy who enters people's dreams and subconscious parts of the mind and steals their information. This information is usually somebody's idea or life plan. He then has to perform the act of "inception" on the dream/subconscious of a certain guy. Watch the movie and find out what happens!

Visual and Audio Effects:
This is a 2010 movie. I don't think I need to comment on the visual effects at all. However, the crew did not exaggerate. There are some astounding scenes where entire landscapes of cities are changed and distorted in seconds! What scares you the most is that, in these scenes, the thing that changes the landscape so radically is a person. But, since all of this is happening in the dream world, there is no such thing as "exaggerate". 
The soundtrack could have been better though. I don't dislike classical music, but I think that, as soundtrack, classical music has turned into a complete cliché. Seriously! You can predict every sound, according to the scene. If the scene is exiting, you know that there will be harsh drums beating and your seat will shake in the cinema. If it is an emotional scene, you know the music will include a violin. I think that a more "urban" choice of music would have been more appropriate to the story. For example, they could have used a few songs by Deftones or Team Sleep. These two bands have a more abstract sound. This is more appropriate for the dream world. 

The Story:
I am satisfied. The story makes you think about what exactly happens to your brain while you are dreaming. You wonder if such a dream accessing machine could exist. What would the world be like if it existed and if it fell into the wrong hands? There are many undefined theories about dreams out there. If you love psychology, brain experimenting or anything that has to do with dreams or other unusual topics, you will fall in love with this movie! Just like I did.
The story is not too fast, and not too slow. Although, maybe a couple of scenes are too fast for my taste, but that does not mean that the value of this movie should be diminished. Everything is in there. There are emotional scenes, but there are also action scenes. However, I would not call them action scenes because this movie IS about the dream world. Anything can happen in your dreams, anything at all. All these action scenes are really clever, logical and they test your thinking skills. You will not be bored. 

What Should You Pay Attention To:
I have to emphasize that this is not a movie that you should watch if you are not concentrated. You cannot miss a single detail because details matter in this motion picture. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a "Thinking Movie". If you do not like to think about anything complicated while you are watching a movie, then do not watch this one. It is not for you. 

Generally Speaking:
I am thrilled.
This is another movie you MUST watch before you die.
This is a successful movie because it forces the viewer to think about dreams, mind functions and life in general. It makes you re-think some aspects, even. What's the point of creating a good mind throbbing movie if it won't convey a message?

-Piper Blurred

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