Director: Robert Stevenson
Writers: Bill Walsh, Do
n DaGrandi
Actors: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson
Runtime: 139 minutes
From: USA

This is an example of a perfect, pleasant and cute little family movie. So if you do not like these kinds of movies, go and read another one of my reviews: this movie is not for you.
Instead, if you like this kind of thing, then you are on the right page. Allow me to tell you all about this movie that you should know, but don't worry! My reviews NEVER include spoilers. 

The Plot:
Marry Poppins (Julie Andrews) is the perfect nanny. Jane and Michael are two kids who are impossible to control. They chased off a thousand nannies. Their father is very strict while their mother is a feminist and she is very liberal. This causes two different views on life to clash in front of the eyes of the children. The kids don't know what to do! They seek attention from their father, but he plays the strict teacher role, works at his precious bank till 8 PM and doesn't notice them. Well, at least not in the way they want him to notice them. Marry Poppins then arrives and many things change. Watch the movie to find out what happens!

General View On The Plot:
Now, this story is the perfect example how a person is able to change another person without too much effort. It's also an example of how important a parent is to a child, sometimes so important that if the child does not get enough attention: he/she will cause problems in order to be noticed. I recommend this movie to families, because it might remind them of how important good family relations are.

Audio And Visual Effects:
I beg of you to keep in mind that this movie was filmed in the 60s!!! Do not expect effects that you see in today's action movies. However, the effects are fantastic for that period of time. The skylines of old London are beautiful, the colors are fascinating and there is a particular part of the movie where the main characters enter a cartoon. Those effects were done fantastically too! 
This movie is also a kind of musical. The soundtrack is one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard. Julie Andrews "sealed the deal" with her beautiful and original voice. This soundtrack contains some very famous songs. The lyrics and the melodies are perfect, they go along very well with the story. 

The Acting:
Well, like you know, Julie Andrews is practically perfect! Her acting is wonderful as it is, but this role of a nanny suited her very well, like a silk glove on a lady's hand. Dick Van Dyke and Tom Hamlinton are two shiny shooting stars as well. It is obvious that the whole cast was selected and hand-picked into a wonderful group of fascinating and witty actors. Unlike movies today, where anybody can act, this one is sophisticated and very professional.

Generally Speaking:

If you want to relax and get in touch with your inner child, then this is a movie for you. If you let your child watch this masterpiece, he/she will remember it for the rest of their life. I swear! I watched this movie when I was very little and I will never forget it because I loved it so much and it was indescribably beautiful. The same thing will happen to your child. Watch it in the warmth of your home, you won' regret it.  

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