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Director: Rob Bowman
Writers: Gregg Chabot, Kevin Peterka
Actors: Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Izabella Scorupco
Country: UK, Ireland, USA
Runtime: 101 minutes

A wonderful and creative piece of work, I must say. 

Don't let the movie poster deceive you, though. This is not a typical action movie that Hollywood producers usually "spit out", even though it does have action packed scenes. They are subtle action "survival" moments, rather than Hollywood's "let's put all the special effects we can in 4 minutes" way of shooting.

The plot is clever: dragons actually exist. They are not a myth. They suddenly disappeared in history, and that is why people thought they never were. A boy discovers that these fascinating creatures were actually dormant for centuries, deep down inside of Earth. His mother works in a mine. The mine diggers accidentally disturb the dragons and they wake up. That is when chaos begins. Years later, there are almost no humans on Earth. The dragons burnt all the cities, they feed on ashes and are practically indestructible and immortal. What do you think, did humans manage to bring the dragons down?

Since I don't write reviews that include spoilers, you will have to watch the movie. For those of you who already did: I can see the smirk on your face!

This story made me think. When I was a child, I always said to my parents that mythological creatures actually existed. Humans eradicated them or they hid somewhere, and after decades of storytelling: they turned into a myth. When I saw this movie, I was shocked at how it was similar to my opinions. If you are not a fan of creatures and theories of existence and you prefer sticking to melodramas and romantic comedies----> then stop reading! Get out of here! This is not a review for you. :D If you love motion pictures like these: then keep on reading! I'm getting to the technical bits and pieces of the movie.

The dragons have been done in detail. I'm not sure if they used CGI. Whatever they used, they did a fantastic job! The effects of fire, demolished cities and dark human hideouts are perfect. The camera is dark, has unusual cameras and is appropriate for a story like this one. 

The actors did a wonderful job, too. Christian Bale plays the boy who discovered the dormant dragons. He later on grows into a strong man that is trying to lead and organize a handful of people who are hiding out in a fortress. Christian Bale managed to depict his character perfectly: a man who has the terrible weight of responsibility on his back, who is actually afraid and angry because of what is happening. 

On the other hand, Matthew McConaoughey is the complete opposite. His character is an American hillbilly soldier that landed with his crew near Christian's fortress. He is harsh, unemotional and he calls himself "a dragon hunter". He is so full of himself that you want to poke your eyes out with red hot rods every single time he appears on screen. His acting was perfect.

Think of this. A story like this is not impossible. We cannot know for sure what lies beneath our feet. Maybe it is not dragons, maybe it is something more terrible? Or maybe there is nothing there at all.

-Piper Blurred

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