Director: Garth Jennings
Writers: Douglas Adams
Actors: Martin Freeman, Mos Def, Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel
Runtime: 109 minutes
From: UK, USA

This movie is hilarious! And I mean it... seriously! 
As a very unusual comedy, my first impression of the first 10 minutes of the movie was: "What the hell is this? Are they serious?!" However, I kept on watching and I was glad I did not give up on the movie. Since this motion picture is partially from the UK, there is a dose of the typical black English humor. 

A guy, Arthur Dent, wakes up in the morning and discovers that his friend is actually an alien. This alien has an advance knowledge of when Earth is going to be destroyed. All of a sudden, the alien and Arthur transport themselves to a space ship seconds before Earth is destroyed. They set off on an amazing adventure... watch the movie and find out! They set off to find out the meaning of the purpose of life. Well, try to imagine how that went? :)

The details in this movie are amazing! There are so many funny moments that you won't be able to stop laughing during almost the entire movie. 

The visuals are great. 
The actors are great.
The story is perhaps a little bit confusing in some parts, but who cares! The point of this movie is to be ridiculous, and not smart! If you don't watch this, you will miss out on a lot of fun. This is a movie for friends and family, not for depressive people who are searching for a purpose in very intellectual movies. Go! Run along to the first video store or grab the first most seeded torrent you can find and watch this movie!

There's nothing much to say.

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