Director: Peter Weir
Writer: Andrew Niccol
Actors: Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney 
Runtime: 103 minutes
From: USA

Truman is an insurance salesman. He has lived in this cute little town his entire life. The town seems literally perfect. He then begins to notice that odd things are going on in his environment. Suddenly, he realizes that his entire life is a reality TV show. The town actually doesn't exist in real life, it's just a huge filming set that has more than 3000 cameras that secretly film him all over the place. His wife is not his wife, his friends are not his friends, they are all actors. The entire world has been watching him from his birth. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? The show's name is "The Truman Show". Hell, even the sun andthe moon are fake! Watch the movie and see what happened!


Generally Speaking:
This movie is fantastic! It has everything inside it: comedy, tragedy, mystery, and everything is properly balanced out. Jim is a great actor and I feel free to say that this is one of the best roles he hasever played! Just imagine finding out, after years, that your entirelife is fake?! This movie made me laugh, cry and it also gave me thechills! I was freaked out at how far we humans are able to go because of money. They exploited Truman, he was something likea slave to them.

This movie is a good example that every person has certain rights.To take away somebody's freedom, knowledge of freedom or even worse, to do something like they did to Truman is terrible.These things should never happen! Fuck money, and fuck TV.Life is more valuable than this. Watch this movie, you will not regret it.

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