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Director: Terry Gilliam
Writers: Tony Grisoni, Terry Gilliam
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Tilly, Jodelle Ferland
Runtime: 120 minutesCountry: UK, Canada

A girl, Jeliza-Rose, lost herself in a fantasy world after her irresponsible parents died. 
Her mind created an entire world, where submarines "float" in fields of wheat and dolls talk. 

This movie is very controversial. Some would say it is "socially inappropriate", especially because the main character is a child. There are some scenes in the movie that are really obscene, while others are fragile and sentimental.

This is not an easy movie. If you think you can watch it while you're ironing your clothes or while you're sorting out your photographs, then you are terribly wrong. This movie requires concentration because the plot is not easy. It is very difficult to tell what is real in the story, and what is not. Later on, it gets easier. 

The beginning of the movie is one of the most important parts. It gives the viewer information about the parents and about the child. If you don't follow the story well for the first 15 minutes, you might not be able to understand some things later on. Details are very important in this motion picture. 

The soundtrack is not bad, but it is not important. You will be shaken and stirred by the plot and you won't pay attention to the music at all. I think that the Director did this on purpose. If you watched his movie "Brazil", then you probably know what I am talking about. If you didn't, then let me put it this way: The story does not require music because of its obscenity. The soundtrack is unnoticeable because of this. 

This movie made me think about children who have survived trauma. What exactly happens inside their heads? I don't think any person knows for sure. There are many children who did the same thing that Jeliza-Rose did. They created their own worlds and their own personalities. Tideland gave me the opportunity to see such a world from the child's point of view. To tell you the truth, it seemed pretty real to me. 

This movie is definitely a movie you have to watch before you die!

-Piper Blurred 
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