*Calorie Burner*
Part 1
The Easy Activities

So you're trying to lead a healthy life? You want to eat healthy and lose weight or just eat healthy and be healthy for your own sake? That's fine, but you have to remember, none of this can be accomplished if you have no activity in your life.

You see, many people think that when a diet or a weight loss program says "activity", they have to DIE exercising for hours and hours every day. This is not true. REMEMBER: You burn calories even when you sleep! You don't have to do heavy crunches or run for 100 miles per hour all day in order to burn the amount of calories that you want.

I have done some research, and I have come up with a simple chart that will tell you how much calories you'll burn doing simple stuff outside or around the house, or simply... by doing nothing! Check it out. The first row is the type of activity, the second is the amount of time you are doing this activity and the third is the amount of calories you will burn doing this activity in that certain amount of time.

   ACTIVITY                           MINUTES              BURNED CALORIES
Going up the stairs                         5                                      85
Writing                                         60                                    134
Cooking                                        5                                      28
Brushing teeth                                2                                      11
Bicycling (easily)                           15                                    277
Card playing                                 30                                    101
Dancing (out of fun, in a club)         5                                      63
Gardening                                      5                                      57
Hairstyling                                      2                                      11
Housework (regular)                     10                                     62
Ironing                                           5                                      24
Mopping                                        5                                      48
Putting away things                         2                                      11
Reading                                        60                                     134 
Foreplay (sex)                              15                                      46
Sex                                              15                                     134
Shopping                                      15                                      76
Showering                                    10                                      90
Resting                                         60                                     134
Sleeping                                       60                                     118
Standing                                        5                                       13
Stretching                                      5                                       42
Studying/sitting - working              60                                     235
Swimming                                     15                                     193
Walking (normal pace)                   5                                       29
Washing dishes                              5                                       24
One orgasm (real)              depends on person                        27 

So you see, if you don't have many calories to burn, you don't need to DIE working out. For instance, check this out. Let's say that you:
1. You brush your teeth two times a day, for 3 minutes each. That is 6 minutes of teeth brushing. So, by looking at the chart, you burn 11 calories if you brush your teeth for 2 minutes. This means: 11x3=33. You will burn 33 calories in total if you brush your teeth two times a day.

2. Let's say you masturbate once a day. For one orgasm, you will burn 27 calories.

 3. You do housework every day, even if it is as simple as wiping dust away or wiping the floor. If you do housework for  10 minutes a day, you will burn 62 calories.

4. You work or/and study. If you sit in a desk and think about something hard (like studying or doing your job if you work in an office) for 3 hours, you will burn 235x3=705 calories!!! Your brain needs a lot of energy to think or to study. Remember that. 

5. You stretch in the morning? Well, for five minutes of stretching, you will burn 42 calories.     

Now, let's add this all up together. If you do all these VERY SIMPLE AND NOT VERY DIFFICULT things in just one day, you will burn a total of 902 calories. So, you don't have to die working out. But please, do not misunderstand me. I am not discouraging you from exercise. Working out is good! My point is, that you can burn enough calories as it is, without having to go to the gym, without having to do 200 crunches in one day. This chart is useful for people who work a lot and have no time for working out. But, it is also useful for all of you out there who are killing yourselves with exercise that you don't need that much. If you want to burn fat, crunches are not going to help you so much. Work out, but don't exaggerate. You can burn enough calories without work out anyway. Just follow this chart, use a stopwatch and monitor how long you do these activities, and you will know how much calories you burnt in the end. Easy peasy! 

-Piper Blurred

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