How To Pick a Diet Properly
(Plans for Losing Weight)
Many people have the need to go on a diet. From time to time, we all get that "extra weight" after a holiday meal, after stuffing ourselves with sweets for days, or after a while of eating fast food because we have no time for cooking. 
Then, we get desperate because we cannot fit into most of our clothes anymore and we realize that it's cheaper to lose weight than to buy a whole new wardrobe. Some of us decide to get thinner in order to keep healthy, while some of us want to get thinner just to look better.
Some people choose to go on a diet for medical reasons. I will not start with this topic now. This is a little bit more difficult, and usually people consult with a doctor in order to pick a medical diet. If you are one of these people, then this is not the post you should be reading. 
Let's begin, shall we?
TIPS for picking out a diet:
You need time, and you need to have a flexible or fixed schedule in order to follow a diet.
The problem with most people is that they have difficult jobs, and it is hard for them to find time to cook special meals or to stick to a strict schedule. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but almost every diet requires that you have time for cooking or that you are able to eat at a specific time during the day. It will be difficult for you to find a diet that does not require this. 
Read the diet carefully.
Many people just skim with their eyes through the diet. When they begin with it and actually start to read the recipes or instructions before cooking/preparing, they realize that the diet is either difficult, expensive, too easy, ineffective or simply not for them. If you cannot afford the food you need for a certain diet, then pick another one. If the diet is not suitable for you, then pick another one!
Pick a diet that has meals and food which you will enjoy.
People make a mistake when they pick a diet that is packed with meals that they do not like. If you hate soy, then don't pick a diet that has a lot of soy in it! Do you get what I mean? The point is that you should enjoy the food you are eating. You don't have to torture yourself with meals that you find repulsive or distasteful. 
Pick a diet that you can afford.
I don't think I need to explain this tip much. If you don't have a lot of money, then pick a cheap diet. If you have money to waste, then pick a luxurious diet filled with expensive products. But if you have money to waste, then why don't you just go and get a liposuction? :D Just joking, surgery is not always a good solution. 
How much weight do you want to lose? Set yourself a goal, and pick a diet that will be adequate for your goal.
Ah, this is a common error. Most people want to lose weight fast. Well, that's not a problem for people who want to lose just a couple of pounds. There are fast diets (some even last only for 3 or 4 days) than can help you lose a few pounds quickly. For example: there is a diet where you only eat apples for three days. However, if you want to really lose weight, a lot of weight, then you cannot pick a fast diet. To lose a lot of weight you must be on a diet for at least 3 months, or even a year or two. How do you plan living only on apples for 3 months, or let alone a year? I hope you get my point.
Try to pick a diet that has various meals and foods in it.
Since your body needs different types of foods in order to collect different vitamins, proteins, minerals and similar, try to pick a diet that has a lot of variety. Of course, this depends on your metabolism and your taste. If you are picking a longer diet, then variety is essential, you cannot eat the same 2 or three meals for months. If you, instead, are trying to pick a quick diet - then it won't hurt you to eat the same thing for a few days, therefore you may forget this tip. 
Try to be real with yourself.
Before you even start reading diets, try to realize if you are being real and if you will be able to follow your diet. If you are unable to stick to a diet, then following one is useless. Most diets require you to be continuous and precise. 
If you have any kind of medical problems, then you MUST consult a doctor, or at least "google" your condition and check out what you can and cannot eat.
I am serious about this. If you have any kind of medical condition or disease, you must ask a doctor or at least find on the internet or in the library what you can and cannot eat. For example: people with heart problems cannot eat some things that other people can. That's why you must find out what you can eat, and then avoid a diet that has foods which are forbidden due to your condition. Fast diets are extremely forbidden if you have health problems.
I hope this tips will help you.
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Have a pleasant evening!
-Piper Blurred

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