How to Enjoy Your Food & Eat Better
10 Tips
We live terrible lives these days. Most of us never have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal properly. This hurts are bodies terribly. When you stuff your stomach with food all of a sudden, it stops working properly and half the food you eat doesn't get digested properly. This is stressful for your metabolism and organism. It could also be one of the reasons why you are feeling tired, cranky, or as if you ate bricks instead of food.
I am here to help you, to give you 10 basic tips on how to enjoy your food properly. I hope they will help you. If you do not find the time to enjoy food, then what's left for you? Even if you eat healthy food, your stomach cannot take the sudden pressure. You will have consequences. 
If you are extremely hungry, or practically starving, it's even worse to stuff yourself suddenly. It's worse because your stomach was empty for a while, and all of a sudden it received a pile of food. You will surely throw up, or get a stomach ache, or simply feel bad or nauseous. Let's begin now, shall we?
Tip #1: Time is Essential!
You need 30 minutes in peace to eat your meal, or at least 20 minutes.
Most people don't have time. Well, find it! I don't care how, but you must! Otherwise, you are doomed to constantly suffer stomach aches. When you are eating, eat for at least 30 minutes. If you really cannot find 30 minutes, then eat for at least 20. You cannot eat a meal in 5 minutes. That's a "no-no". 
Tip #2: Environment & Atmosphere!
Eat somewhere where you feel good. Eat in a pleasant and stress free environment. 
Again, this is hard to for people who work a lot. Well, use your half an hour or hour lunch break and go to a restaurant. Go to a restaurant that you like, or if it is too far away, go to the nearest pretty restaurant that you can find. If you don't have money for restaurants and if you are one of those people that brings lunches from home, then go out for your break and eat in a park or cafe. Just find a place you enjoy! If you are eating at home, sit in front of the TV, turn on a good movie, eat slowly and enjoy your meal and what you are watching/doing. If you are eating with other people, don't eat with them if they are nervous or angry. They will transmit the bad energy to you and your body will feel stressed while eating.
Tip #3: Activity, While Eating!
Try to do something while you are eating. This will slow you down, especially if you are starving.
Do something! Read a book or magazine while you are eating. This will slow your eating speed down. It will force you to make small pauses between your bites. If you are eating at a table with other people, talk to them. This will also force you to make pauses, and you will give the food time to settle down inside you properly. You don't have to make 5 minute breaks between bites! 15 seconds is enough, or maybe even less. 
Tip #4: Do Everything Slowly!
While you're eating, move your hand slowly, chew slowly, swallow slowly. Do everything slowly!
This is essential, and it will buy your stomach time and allow it to settle the food well. Make slow moves with your fork. Swallow slowly and chew slowly. Bite down slowly. Yep, you got the picture.
Tip #5: Try To Prepare the Meal Yourself!
If you prepared your meal, you will enjoy it more than a bought meal.
You have to cook your own meal. This will make you savor your meal more than a meal from the store or ordered meal. If you cannot cook at your lunch break, then bring your cooked meal to work. Make it the night before, and pack it for the day. You will have in mind that you spend some time cooking it and your brain will tell you to savor it.
Tip #6: No Standing!
Try not to eat standing, it is not recommended.
If you eat standing, it will tell your brain that you are in some sort of a hurry and you will subconsciously eat faster. This is bad, like I said before. Sit down somewhere. Find a comfortable chair, or even an armchair could do the trick. 
Tip #7: Rest!
Try to rest for a little bit, after you have finished eating.
After eating, stay seated and rest for a moment. You don't have to rest for an hour! Rest for at least 5 or 10 minutes. This will let the food settle down even better. Have a cup of coffee or light up a cigarette, if you smoke. Have a nice glass of juice or lemonade. Take deeper breaths and relax your muscles. If you start doing some activity, especially physical activities, right after eating: it will make you feel sick. Your food won't settle properly. You might even throw up.
Tip #8: No phones!
Keep your phone away, turned off, or in silent mode while you are eating.
Phones are stressful by themselves, especially if you are the kind of person whose phone rings constantly. Keep it away, or shut it up while you are eating! I have read many professional articles where doctors and other experts clearly say: keep the phone away during a meal! You get the picture!!!
Tip #9: Avoid "Hard" Food!
Avoid often eating food you know will make you feel bad or sick. 
Yes, hamburgers can be tasty, but if they will give you gas or stomach aches: don't eat it every second day! Eat it once in a month, or once in two months. I'm not saying this so that you wouldn't gain weight. I am saying: why torture your body with "unpleasant" food constantly, when you can eat something that your stomach can support. It doesn't have to be hamburgers! For example: my stomach despises beans and cooked sausages. I love to eat these two things! Every time I eat them, I feel like I ate a bag of rocks, I get a terrible stomach ache, sometimes I get gas and sometimes I even throw up. Avoid this!
Tip #10: Try to Eat Healthy!
Try to avoid unhealthy food, this is bad for your organism and health, and not just your weight.
Ignore the weight for a moment. Unhealthy food makes your organism feel bad. Especially if you eat it often. This does not mean you have to stop eating it completely! No, just eat something unhealthy once in a week, or once in a month. Don't eat it more often than this. You might get consequences. 
That would be all, for now! I hope I helped!
Expect another helpful post soon, and perhaps a new recipe!
-Piper Blurred
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