God, I know now.
The sky was beautiful today. I figured I could go to the river tomorrow.
Sitting in my living room feels so lonely at night.
Now I know.
This day was supposed to enlighten me.
But it didn’t.
What do you want me to do? What do you want with me? Sometimes I feel like you have a master plan for me. That would be lovely. To know that you are important to the world is an indescribable and beautiful feeling. But, am I important?
I still have a grudge against you because you took that one thing away from me. But, after all, I guess you have your ways. You do not have to explain.
God, I don’t need anything.
Just give me a bottle, and I will reach its bottom in minutes. Don’t curse me. I know this is wrong, but the lonely and only android in me needs it. The little wretched spirit of Christmas left a scar so deep, that if I wanted to bleed to death, all I would have to do is pluck at it.
What am I supposed to do tonight? I won't wish for anything. I know you cannot make it come true.
Yes God, now I know.

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