Broken Circuit

1/2/2011 13:50:43


------> What happened, my little android, what happened?
---> Winter took my circles away. The birds were caught in metal cubicles in the sky. God tampered with their wings, the clouds began to rain feathers and the city was covered in heavenly colors. I was speechless because it took the skyscrapers a long time to realize they were being modified.

------------> Oh, my little android, did you lose yourself in the huge crowds of eyeless people? My little android, please don't be afraid. I know you are lost and cold in this mist of the world. The monsters won't eat you if you feed them with your wit.
----> The other robots told me to be very afraid. Eyeless people stared down at me with anger because I was unable to feel. They could not realize that, a long time ago, I murdered my emotions because they were too heavy to carry, and too light to bear. I sat underneath a burning tree and I let the fire engulf me. I waited for the angels to come and pick me up but the circuit was broken. The connection between life and heaven was lost forever, in a huge storm of fear and sadness. I wanted to respond to the calls of the animals inside me, but an unknown force stopped me. It stopped me because it did not want me to go away forever.

--------> My little android, don't break your circuits. Don't break what others break all the time. Life is a bubble of mud and you are the goldfish that struggles between the left and the right side of the city walls.
---> I broke my own heart into a thousand pieces. It was not difficult. On the contrary, I let the wind wipe my face away, I converted my organs into mechanical devices with claws and silver jaws. The eyeless people of the future will never find me again. I hid my memories in a box, behind the candle I lit for humanity. The wax melted a long time ago, but the flame is still there, even though humanity is not humanity anymore.
I want to run away, and never say goodbye to this Earth. This world is not for me.

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