Ah, colonies.
I always thought of them as a destructive attempt to disrupt another society, another country’s culture. They are an invasion religion, economy and politics.
Then, after I have lived in a colonized country called Morocco, I realized that the colonized countries were intellectually exhausted and that is why they did it. Just take a look at the subliminal images of the historical facts. Am I not right?

All the colonized countries will always have something that the colonists never did and never will: liveliness. Their “orientally dosed” culture and way of life goes way beyond the stiff moral and dark boundaries of Europe. The people are more alive, passionate and ready with taste buds and scents that could capture a fly in an invisible cage of pleasureful agony.

Europe was dying, their souls were dying because they were moving towards the peak of “being evolved and modern” but they knew they were in lack of passion and emotion. They tried to steal this liveliness, but did they succeed?
I wouldn’t say so.

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