I suppose most of you like to read and watch different fails in other people's lives. If you are liberal, like to joke around and you are not afraid to ridicule others, then you will have a good laugh while reading this. Please, I don't mean to be rude. I hope you will realize that there is a subliminal message in this post.

There is no way for me to prove to you that the following events actually happened. Some, I have read in the newspaper. Some were stories that other people told me over a coffee or drinks, usually stuff that happened to their relatives. I am not going to include any information about the identities of these people because it would be rude and unfair. Have fun, I hope you have a good laugh, and let's begin!

1. The Ambulance Incident

In a town called Herceg-Novi, in a country called Monetenegro, a person was rollerskating up a hill. The person stopped to fix the straps on his/her roller-skates. As the person bent down to fondle with them, an ambulance truck suddenly appeared on the road after an elbow curve and swept the roller skater right off his feet! The ambulance simply stopped, loaded him into the truck, and proceeded to take both him and the person they already had inside to the hospital. Looks like the guy was spared the trouble to wait for an ambulance to come. To be hit by an ambulance truck is an epic fail number one!!!  

2. The Hospital Window

In a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a girl had a terrible accident. She was all smashed up after a car hit her car. They rushed her down to the hospital. Her condition was really critical. The nurses placed her on a table (with wheels), left her in the hallway and ran off to find a doctor that could operate on her right away. I am not quite sure what happened next, but apparently somebody accidentally brushed against the table she was lying on and the table began to move towards the window. The table, with the dying girl on it, managed to break through a window at the end of the hallway. Of course, the girl was on the 6th floor of the hospital. When she fell through the window, she died momentarily when she hit the pavement. I don't know what kind of a facility would allow something like this to happen, but this is a fail for the girl AND for the medical staff of the hospital. Looks like she was supposed to die after all. To fall out of a window of a hospital while severely injured and fall on the pavement and die is an epic fail number two!!!

3. The Lost Leg

This also happened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. (I live in Bosnia, so I know many ridiculous things that happen here.) A guy's appendix was about to burst. He went to the doctor. The doctor (idiot, I should say) thought something was wrong with his leg and he chopped the guys leg off! I was astonished when I read this in the newspaper. This is a HUGE fail for the poor guy AND for the stupid doctor. To get your leg chopped off by a doctor because you came into his office to get your appendix pulled out is an epic fail number 3!

4. The "Sudden" Diagnose

A person here in my city went to the doctor because he/she had problems with their back. The person sprung a nerve near his/her shoulder and expected that the doctor would fix it. The ignorant doctor, instead of just giving him/her a prescription for cream, put the person through a series of tests and diagnosed him/her back cancer!!! Major fail! The person almost shit in their pants after hearing the diagnose. I don't know where this doctor got his diploma, but apparently he slept through all the cancer classes in college. Looks like God was trying to pull a joke on this person. To have a doctor diagnose you back cancer because you came to fix a sprained nerve on your back is an epic and major fail number 4!

5. The Brain Tumor

Okay, this epic fail happened to my mother. A few years ago, she started to have problems with her eye. She also has problems with her heart and at the time, she was having symptoms of a heart attack too. She went to the doctor. The doctor sent her off to 5 other doctors. The 6 of them consulted with each other and decided to send her on a scan of her entire body (an M.R.I.) Since they did not know how to read the images from the goddamn scanner properly, they suddenly came to the unbelievable conclusion that my mother has a HUGE BRAIN TUMOR right in the middle of her pretty skull. My mother almost fainted, and she almost had the heart attack. For a few days, she actually believed she had the tumor, until my late father and I managed to convince her to go to Belgrade and get a REAL control from a NORMAL doctor. I guess God laughed his ass of at this! To go to a doctor because you have a problem with your heart and eye and to get a diagnose of a BRAIN TUMOR instead, is an epic fail number 5!

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