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(Usually, considered to be "epic fail" people among the more intellectual beings)

My dear readers,
I have decided to give it a rest on the "How To" lists for a while. My last one was kind of disgusting and I am afraid I startled a few people.
Today's treat is: the top 5 worst types of people you can find on Facebook.

If you're a person that DOES NOT behave like your life depends on stupid social networks, then you will simply adore this post. You can also treat this post as a sort of warning for newbies on Facebook.
There there now, settle down. Don't be afraid. Facebook is not a monster, it simply produces monsters. And if you're on FB for a while now, I am SURE that you WILL recognize some of these "species".
Let's begin.

Ah, now: this one is my favorite.
This individual likes to post all kinds of statuses, and when I say ALL KINDS, I really do mean so. This person will update you every time they go to the bathroom, they wash their hair, they pick a pimple on their forehead and so on.
For example:
a) FB STATUS BY THE TOILET PERSON: "OMG, I washed my hair today and I found a gray hair!!!"
Or even worse:
b) FB STATUS BY ANOTHER TOILET PERSON: "I'm going to the bathroom now, don't contact me until I write that I am back."
Do you see what I mean?
The reason why I gave this kind of an individual the name "Toilet Person" is because they are just like a toilet: they take in all kinds of shit and when they clog up, they spit out all kinds of shit. The problem is, they are always "broken" because they write a 1000 statuses and updates a day and it's all kinds of shit. Every person has such a friend on Facebook. My recommendation to you is: either make fun of that person publicly, or delete the motherfucker from your friend's list because you will go crazy from his/her stupid statuses.

Jesus, I hate these individuals. I won't talk about them much because they are very irritating, but also very easy to explain. The Mad Liker is a person that likes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING on Facebook. I'm freaking serious! Your computer will have a short circuit because it won't be able to function properly due to the gazillion notifications you will get because of The Mad Liker! This person clicks The Like Button for everything! He/she will like every single photo, post, text, comment, status or link you have on Facebook! He/she will even like the comments of your friend's friend comment on your status! If this person could like the likes he liked on the likes of the likes of the gazillion posts he/she likes, he/she would do it without hesitation! Delete this person from Facebook immediately if you want to live a peaceful life.

This is a very common person that has absolutely no originality. All this person does is posts all kinds of "clever" quotes through statuses, notes or links. If the quotes were REMOTELY interesting or witty, I wouldn't say a thing. But the quotes are so cheesy and stupid that you will want to vomit after reading a few.
For example:
a) STATUS BY THE ANNOYING QUOTER: "Live your life the way you want it, don't let other people bring you down."
Or even more cheesy:
b) ANOTHER STATUS BY THE ANNOYING QUOTER: "Life is a game. Play by it's rules."
You will find a thousand annoying statuses like these on your wall feed every day if you have such a person on your friends list. Delete them, immediately - if you don't want to ruin your intellect.

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12/8/2014 03:15:38 pm

You will find a thousand annoying statuses like these on your wall feed every day if you have such a person on your friends list. Delete them, immediately - if you don't want to ruin your intellect.


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