About Troll Science
(Kind of a free ad from me to them! :D)

Welcome, losers. 
Before I begin, I would like to apologize (like if I care originally) for the delay in my juicy posts (if they were every juicy to anyone, apart from being disgusting.)

Anyway, I am here to tell you everything about Troll Science. You see, this is a website where you can find amazing posts made by many people. The point is, make an instructions comic that tells people how to do things that define nature and rules of science. To tell you the truth, some of these posts even have logic. To go to the website, click here. The good thing is, you do not have to register in order to post!!! :D  However, registration is free and easy, and it helps you monitor your posts and see ratings. 
This website is famous because of the troll face: 
Here are a few examples of their posts:
Now, it is pretty easy to make a troll post. Just think of the wildest or most stupidest science idea you ever had in school or you have right now and draw it up in paint! Success will be guaranteed. The only thing is, if you post something on the website, you will have to wait for your "drawling" to pass moderation. For a post to pass moderation, it must be voted/rated (or some shit like that) 25 times. Just share your post on Facebook, Twitter or whatever other crappy social network you use and your friends and other followers and similar will probably rate you. 

TIP: Before you post, scroll through many other troll posts so you avoid REPEATING somebody else's post. You have this warning on the website to. NO REPETITION. For a finale, I would like to offer you a cool treat. Here is my troll post:
To view this image on the original page, click here.

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