How To Make Sperm In 3 Easy Steps

You must think I am a disgusting individual. No, I'm not. I simply enjoy pulling naughty pranks on people. For those of you who like this as well, I have a great idea how to piss someone off. But before you actually pull the prank, you need to make fake sperm. Why? The reasons will be explained later.

Things you will need:
1. A large condom (please, don't use colored condoms. You can use the ones with an aroma, though.)
2. Mayonnaise (Take a small bag, or take 3 big spoons of it)
3. Half a glass of water

How To Make The Sperm:

1. Spread out the condom and grasp it tightly at its opening.
2. Take the mayonnaise and put it inside the condom.
3. Pour the half a glass of water inside, too.
4. Tie the opening of the condom. Make sure you make a strong knot.
5. Shake the condom until the mayonnaise and water mix well.
There you go! You will then have a pretty good imitation of sperm!

I pulled this off once. It was marvelous. Here's what you do:

1. Go to a place or apartment that's on the second floor or higher. If you are on the ground floor or first floor of the building, the condom won't burst. The best way to do this is if you live on a higher level. But if you don't live in a building, then go to a friend's place that is on a higher level.

2. Open the window and wait for someone to pass. YOUR TARGET IS ANYBODY! I would target a guy if I were you, but if you are a afraid that he will accidentally see you when he looks up and kick your ass, then target a girl.

3. WARNING: Watch out for the wind and for the dropping point. Before you do this, practice with something else. A condom filled with this liquid will drop pretty fast, but still: watch out for the wind. DROP THE THING ONTO THE PERSON YOU TARGETED. It would be great if you dropped it directly on the head, or on the boobs if you are targeting a guy.

4. BE SURE TO HIDE FAST! As soon as you drop it, hide. Don't wait and see what happens. Shut the window as fast as you can after you did this. You're probably thinking: what's the point if I did not see it happen? Well, if you are at your place then no. The person will remember where you live. If you are at a friend's house, then go right ahead and watch. Videotape the goddamn thing if you want to and load it up on YouTube for all I care!

And that's it folks!!!

Andrew Romero
10/4/2011 02:52:26 pm

we pulled this on my teacher and he freaked out


Good info dude

3/27/2012 08:37:57 pm

Great info, thanks

7/15/2012 12:56:52 am

Nice one info, thx

1/8/2018 09:58:42 am

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