Good evening, my dear readers.
Alas, this first month of 2011 is quickly coming to an end. I thought about it, and I decided that I would "treat" you with some kind of review or list at the end of each month. Well, for the end of this one, I decided I would dig out the top 5 pranks that I could find. Only for you!

Now remember, there are different kinds of pranks. However, I am not talking about regular pranks that you pull off in summer camp. I am talking about the really disgusting or wildest ones. Some of these can actually put you into a hospital, or the person you chose for a victim. This blog's name is, after all, TOILET MOUTH. I have to stand up to the name. Let's begin!

1. Vicious = Abuse of a Drunk Person
I simply adore when somebody "abuses" or "exploits" a person who is passed out from alcohol or other kind of toxins (like drugs). Your imagination can go wild, am I right? Well, this prank is wild and dangerous. Unfortunately, you need bungee jumping gear to pull this one off.
What to do: grab your drunken friend, carry him/her over to a place where you can perform bungee jumping. A bridge or a very tall building is a great place. Tie your passed out friend to the bungee rope and abruptly awake him/her. Yell: "Hey, think fast!" and push your friend over the ledge. The coolest thing would be to video tape the whole thing. NOTE: You will need a few other people to help you carry your friend and set up the equipment. If you are doing this on a building, be careful! You don't want the police to catch you. (I found this prank on a website: click here!)

2. Painful and Vicious = The Smelly Thing
Ah, this is sort of a classic prank, but very painful to your victim. This is a vehicle prank. All you need to do is find something very smelly. A dog turd would be perfect, but if you don't have the stomach for it - forget it.
a) The dog turd version: take the turd (use gloves which you will throw away later) and put it in that place where the front window of the car and the hood of the car come together. Those are the holes where the air conditioner takes the air from. If you put the crap in there, the person inside the car will not be able to breathe at all and they won't be able to figure out where the smell comes from!
b) The alternative version: find a really rotten egg. Smash it, and hide it behind the seat in the car, under the seat, or any place where it will be extremely difficult to find the egg. If you do not have access to the car, do the same thing as in the version above! Stick the egg in the hole of the air conditioner.

3. The Disgusting One = Payback Time or Whatever
Okay, this one is rough. I found the first part of it here. However, I decided to change it and to add something to it. It's ideal if you want revenge or if you simply want to torture someone. NOTE: This prank is best performed on someone who lives with you or who is your room mate. Here's what you are supposed to do:
1. Find laxatives, you can use 20-30 pills. Just don't overdo it because you might send someone to the hospital.
2. Turn them into a fine powder, you can use a hammer if you don't have anything else.
3. Put the laxative powder into the drink of the person you chose. Wait for the laxative to vanish.
4. Go to the toilet.
5. Seal the lid of your toilet seat. Glue it with something, whatever you want. But take notice, when you seal your lid you will probably have to unseal it later for yourself or buy a new lid.
6. Wait for the laxatives to kick in.
When your victim runs to the toilet, they won't be able to take a dump and they will soil their undies.

4. The Scary One = Truly Evil
Do you really want to be evil? This prank is originally called "Bloody Mary" and I found it here. This website says that there is a "legend" where you go into a dark room with no windows (like a bathroom, you turn off the lights) and you chant, while staring into the mirror, "Bloody Mary" four times in a row. She will then appear in the mirror and try to kill you. To get rid of her, you have to turn on the lights and quickly get out of the room. So this is what you will do for a prank:
1. You tell someone the story of Bloody Mary and you dare them to go into the bathroom.
2. You find someone who will hide in the bathroom, masked into a horrid Halloween costume.
3. You turn off the electricity for the bathroom.
4. When the person goes in, seal the door shut. Lock it if you can.
5. The person you hired to be inside should grab your victim from behind the moment your victim chants  Bloody Mary's name.
Just stand there and torture the person for about 20 minutes. Don't let them leave the bathroom.

5. If You Want Your Friend to Be Your New Enemy = Brutal
I found this prank here. It's unpleasant. Here's what you do:
1. Go into the bathroom and put baby oil on the toilet seat.
2. When someone goes in for a crap, they will slip and fall from the toilet seat and crap all over the floor.
NOTE: Best performed on people you live with or your room mate.

That would be all for today.
I wish you a pleasant evening! :D

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