The Top 4 Zynga Games on Facebook
I am pretty sure that most people on Facebook play at least one of its games. But which ones are the most interesting? If you are thinking of playing a game on FB and you're not quite sure which one you want, then you are in the right place! I am here to tell you which are the 4 most interesting and popular ZYNGA games on this social networking website. Brace yourselves, here I go! After all, Zynga is the leading game developer for FB and I just had to make a list to "honor" them. 
1. Treasure Isle
Ah, now Treasure Isle is the new hit. It was released recently. If you like to explore, then this could be the perfect game for you. It is simple. You have your own island and you travel to different islands and you dig for treasures. The more islands you dig up, the more maps you will unlock. You collect different treasures, you can sell the treasures or trade them for something useful. You can even search through volcanoes or dig underwater reefs. The only negative things that I can say about Treasure Isle is the fact that when you are out of energy, you have to wait for it to refill itself, unless you are a person who is willing to pay for certain bonuses and special features. Zynga has its ways of collecting money. This is an interesting game and I promise, you won't be bored! This game is for all age groups and it is not violent or depressing so if you see your child playing it, don't worry. It's completely acceptable. 
2. CityVille
Well now, what do we have here?! This game has become an obsession on Facebook in just a short period of time! The point is, you are the major of your own city and you can do pretty much whatever you want. The goal is to build and increase population. You can even expand your own businesses in the cities of your friends, or allow your friends to build their merchandises on your territory. I don't think there is much left to say. This game is almost perfect, except that you have to wait for your friends to respond to some requests that, if not responded, cannot allow you to proceed with something. This game is also appropriate for all age groups. NOTE: This game also has a part of another Zynga game in it: FarmVille. In your town/city, you have to harvest crops. The crops are your goods and you need them to stash your stores. 
3. FrontierVille
This one is also a pretty new Zynga game, but it already has more than a million users. You are in the Wild West, and you do pretty much what you do in FarmVille, you harvest crops and live your cowboy life. You can also start a family and fight or tame wild animals. You can also collect items and complete quests. The game suggests some things to you for you to complete that will help you after completion. Most Zynga games have this. The graphics are almost the same like in every of their games. You can expand your property, and play with pretty much anything. It's like a mix of a few of their games, except that it's in the Wild West. So that's pretty much it: you're a cowboy, you explore the wilderness, you expand and develop your property and you can start a family. Sounds easy and entertaining!
4. FarmVille
I think that most of you have heard of this game. It lost a little bit of popularity recently, but it's still in the top 10! You are a farmer and you harvest crops and collect goods from animals. There is a wonderful collection of different seeds to plant. You can master every plant or fruit after a certain level of harvests. And that's pretty much all that you do! This game is more suitable for people who want to calm down and relax. There are a few drawbacks: if you don't harvest your crops in time, they will wither. This is so irritating! For example, if your potato will grow in 24 hours, if you don't harvest it in 24 hours, it will wither in practically 24 hours and 2 MINUTES. Also, you need a "gazillion" neighbors in order to expand your property. That is also very annoying. And another thing, you have to click every crop, you can't harvest everything at once and with only one click. You can, but if you PAY for a harvest machine.

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