Director: Chris Columbus
Writers: Isaac Asimov
Actors: Robin Williams, Embeth Davidtz and Sam Neill
Runtime: 132 minutes
From: USA, Germany

Now this is a golden movie, I must say! The story is quite fascinating, and the emotional effect is huge. Don't get me wrong, this is not a "cry me a river" movie, even though it will make you cry more than the Titanic itself! Sounds weird? Yes. This is not a sugary movie. Instead, it's one of those where you realize some things about life, eternity and death. It's a siege, yet a peaceful and silent battle between machines and humans. This motion picture is certainly a true work of art and I have nothing negative to say about it.

The Plot:
The film is about Andrew (Robin Williams). In 2005, a series of androids are created for households. Andrew is an android, and his new home is the house of a very pleasant and beautiful family. As he "develops" his artificial mind, he learns about humanity and he suddenly begins to feel. As the years go by, he realizes that every single person he cares about will eventually die and that he will live forever. He then sets of on a journey to become a human. He tries to prevent the ones that created him from destroying him. 

The Acting:
We have two terrific actors in one movie! Robin Williams and Sam Neil are a fascinating combination of intellect and wit. Sam Neil plays the role of Andrew's master. He also symbolically represents a extraordinary father figure. In my opinion, his acting was so perfect that he deserved three Oscars just for this role! Well, maybe it sounds like I am exaggerating but believe me, I am not. Robin Williams, on the other hand, managed to balance drama and humor very effectively. He is a wonderful actor that will remain very famous and very well praised at least a hundred years after his death!

Audio And Visual Effects:
You know that I can sometimes be picky about the soundtrack, especially if it is classical music. However, in this movie, classical music turned out to be the perfect soundtrack! The movie has a wonderful theme that will make you very sentimental. Just watch the movie and you will see what I mean. They did not over do it though, don't worry. They found a good balance between the scenes, even though this is a rather peaceful movie and there are no sudden jolts between frames. The visuals are not bad. The first form of Andrew (he later on changed bodies), is a lovely metal android with a pleasant human-like face. He is perfect and gentle. But there are not any specific special effects because the movie is not focused on the effects. Later on, in a further future, they did a great job depicting a typical, yet still genuine, futuristic metropolis. All in all, the effects were moderate and normal for a movie that is not focused on them at all.

What Should You Pay Attention To:
You don't have to be fully concentrated in order to watch this movie. However, since it is very emotional, I would not suggest you watch it if, in the moment of watching, you are emotionally hurt or sentimental. I don't know, actually. When I feel bad, movies that make me cry don't help at all. But, apparently, some people feel better. So if it will make you feel better when you are sad, then go ahead and watch it. But if it won't help you while depressed, then avoid it. The story is very deep and it could make an iron man cry like a baby.
This motion picture is also very suitable for a family. I recommend you watch it with your children, if you have any. A family can absorb the wonderful purpose and meaning of this movie. You can watch it pretty much with anyone. However, if you are with a bunch of people in an apartment, drinking and having fun, then this might not be the right movie for such an atmosphere. 

Generally Speaking:
It took time and patience to create such a wonderful masterpiece. This is another movie you must watch before you die. I seriously mean it. Even if you are not a fan of dramas (I am not either), you won't regret it if you watch it. It's fascinating how a machine wanted to be like us, while we strive to be like machines all our lives. We are so consumed with our wishes to become immortal, perfect and rational that we often forget about the true meaning and wonder of live. This movie will help you remember. I promise. 

-Piper Blurred

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