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Director: George Miller
Writers: Byron Kennedy, George Miller
Actors: Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Country: Australia
Runtime: 88 minutes

This is a treat for people who adore movies that "created" cyberpunk, because this one helped a lot. It is a fantastic masterpiece of movie making, and nothing similar will ever be created again. The 70s produced many quality movies, and this one is amongst the top ten. 

Please, don't let the poster deceive you! 

This is a movie about a cop, but it is not a cop movie! 
In a post-apocalyptic future, Australia is practically a desert. The world turned into total dystopia. A gang of bikers pillage and attack people. A police officer called Max (Mel Gibson) tries to defeat them. They attack his family and kill them. He then decides to go on a killing spree. Yes, I know. It does sound like a typical police action movie. I guarantee that it is not!

The movie is brutal. If you prefer comedies or melodramas, then don't watch this. It is not for you. 
The director successfully produced a post-apocalyptic effect of human decadence. People lost all their connection with moralities, and Max is the only one that tried to bring that connection back.
The effects are perfect for a 70s movie. Everything is happening on the highway. There is no music. Because of this, tension is high in the viewer's mind. The sound of screeching tires and screaming victims are perfect. It is better than watching a horror movie, I might add!
 Cars are a main accessory, Max's car is called "The Interceptor". It has the most powerful engine. People have trouble finding fuel because the reserves are almost exhausted. That's why his car is what everybody wants. 

I do not like Mel Gibson. However, his acting is practically perfect in this movie! I have no complaints and no comments. The other actors were great, too! Actors in the 70s and 80s were much better than young actors today because they acted with more feeling. 
I have nothing more to say! This is a masterpiece, and I can also say for it that it is one of those motion pictures that you MUST see before you die. 

-Piper Blurred

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