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Director: George Miller
Writer: Terry Hayes, George Miller
Actors: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Michael Preston
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: Australia

Ah, my fellow bloggers and devious readers! 
You are probably thinking: "Oh come on! The sequel probably sucks! All sequels to 'hit' movies suck! They always f*ck it up!"
Well, you're wrong if you think so. 

This movie is better than the first part of the story. [Read my previous post "Mad Max (1979)" for more information]. Max turned into a drifter. There were some more wars, and Australia turned into a desert wasteland. Once again, fuel is scarce. Only bikers, organized in brutal gangs, manage to pillage abandoned vehicles and find fuel. In this post-apocalyptic and partially cyberpunk scenario, Max manages to survive in the desert too. The gangs are not too happy because sometimes he takes fuel right in front of their noses. The gangs decide to attack a small sort of village-fortress because it is abundant with gasoline. Max decided to protect them.

Once again, there is no proper soundtrack. All the tension packed scenes were taken with almost no music. I had the feeling that I was inside the movie, right between Max and the gang. If you have surround sound in your home, don't turn up the volume too much. Your windows will break to the sounds of screaming tires and shrieking people. 

The effects are, without any doubt, amazing. Allow me to remind you that this is an 80s movie and if you are expecting CGI or Green Screen, you won't see any of it. Every scene was taken the way you see it, raw and dangerous! That's why the captions are more realistic than green screen fails, like the movie "300" (Oh, I can't wait to review this one! I promise I will burn it down with words!)

The story is sad. It makes you wonder if we will all turn into animals that are crazy for fuel in the future. In my opinion, we probably will. If you want to take a glimpse at our "very near" future, watch this movie. You will not be disappointed, although you will not feel at ease after a tormentful story such as this one.

-Piper Blurred (If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send them to: 

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Max and his dog, roaming through the Australian post-apocalyptic wasteland! The costume is almost cyberpuk!

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