There are millions of movies out there, just waiting for you to watch them. However, you must not waste your time on garbage that you do not like. That's why I'm here! My job is to help you decide. Besides writing reviews, I also write general comments and lists of movies and other different and interesting things. I decided to create this list. However, it will be rather difficult to post all one hundred movies at once, therefore.... I will do it in parts, 20 movies in each part! 
And remember: if you have any suggestions, leave a comment. Let's begin! 

1. Inception (Read my review!)
2. Trainspotting (Read my review!)
3. Mad Max (Read my review!)
4. Mad Max: The Road Warrior (Read my review!)
5. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (Read my review!)
6. The Bicentennial Man (Read my review!)
7. Marry Poppins (Read my review!)
8. Bruce Almighty (Read my review!)
9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Read my review!)
10. Patch Addams (Read my review!)
11. The Hitchhiker's Guide Through The Galaxy (Read my review!)
12. Big Fish (Read my review!)
13. The Truman Show (Read my review!)
14. Gattaca
15. Knowing
16. Click
17. My Own Private Idaho
18. Gone With The Wind
19. Remember Me
20. Edward Scissorhands 

Next to a few of these movies, I have listed links to my reviews of them, in case you wish to read more about them. However, I have not finished my reviewing for all of them. I will update this post every time I finish a review. I am here to please you! 
The next 20 movies will be posted soon.
Happy New Year's Eve to you all. I hope you have a good time tonight, and I also hope you will enjoy my blog in the next year as much as you did this year.

-Piper Blurred

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