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Director: Danny Boyle (click here to see who he is)
Actors: Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle...)
Screenplay by: John Hodge (click here to see who he is)
Country: UK
Based on a novel by Irvine Welsh (click here to see who he is)
Runtime: 94 minutes

PLOT: Renton, a heroin addict, is trying to fight off his addiction. However, he can't keep away from the heroin. All of his friends are addicts too. He then decides to change his life, and a series of unusual events happen. 

Trainspotting is one of my favorite movies, that's why I am reviewing it first. 

Unlike other "junkie" movies, Trainspotting perfectly presents the lives of addicts and what they have to deal with every day. I have spoken to a few former heroin addicts. They have all watched the movie and confirmed to me that it does not lie . Thanks to an excellent set of actors, the effect

is properly "installed" into the viewer. In some parts of the movie, their "philosophy" about doing drugs sounds so great that the idea of spiking your vein sounds perfect to you for a moment. 

On the other hand, a good camera shows a viewer how "dirty" and "dishonorable" it is to be a junkie. 

The soundtrack is excellent, for those of you who enjoy Iggy Pop and similar music. (click here to see the soundtrack) The sounds fit perfectly into each and every scene. I suppose that the person who picked out the songs probably thought hard before choosing anything. It plays a big role in most scenes because it depicts the emotions of the characters perfectly.

Renton, the main character, is also the narrator. I don't support movies with narrators because they usually screw everything up when they decide to have one. However, Ewan McGregor did an outstanding job. He used the perfect tonality and the perfect moments to change his emotions.

The story is great. I can't say that the book was properly "transformed" into a movie because I did not read it. The plot is not boring. It's fast enough for such a story and slow when it is supposed to be. It's not very emotional because the characters aren't. Their emotions are in hibernation because of the drugs. The point of view in the movie is very raw and brutal. It's as if there is no room for emotions. This is not a "sissy" movie. It is not a drama, even though the plot has some elements of it. In some parts you can even feel a little bit of comedy!

All in all, this is definitely a movie that should go on a "MUST SEE" list. 
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