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There is one thing I don't understand.

Most people in the world complain about their countries. However, they have done nothing to change the conduct of their governments. Have people forgotten that the governments are actually chosen by them? And even after certain politicians show that they are not qualified for their positions, people still vote for them?

I think that people are afraid of a good change. When you get used to something, it is hard for you to give up on it or replace it with something else. Take cell phones, for instance. An individual is used to buying Sony Ericsson cell phones. If Sony Ericsson suddenly dropped on quality, that person would still continue to buy their cell phones out of habit. The person would never question if it would be better to change to a brand that has better performance, that didn't drop on quality. It's the same thing with politicians and governments.

Many constitutions violate the incitement of riots and revolutions. But how can people change anything in a different way if governments are deaf to their pleas?

It probably would not be proper of me to write about riots and rebellions and revolutions (and everything similar) because one would suppose that I am trying to persuade people. But if we have no other means of communication with our governments, then I am afraid to say a riot is very much needed.

It's not that difficult. All you need to do is:

1. Post an underground advertisement that will announce a time, date and place where a demonstration group should be formed. It would be best if all or most of the population of a city, county or village gathered. This is difficult, but it is a MUST.

2. All people should gather at the time, date and place and bring a poster, bulletin or a transparent that will convoke a certain message. Some should carry sticks (just in case the police attacks them, and they will.)

3. Good music should be played on boom boxes that a few would carry on their shoulders.

4. The crowd should march on the city town hall or supreme court or something of the sort.

5. They should march right in and throw out all the individuals that they don't like and strip them of their jurisdictions and power.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it is. All you need is willpower.
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