*Imaginary Cloud No. 456**WORLD PEACE and Behaviorist Bullshit* 

Did anybody ever tell you that you were worthless? Seriously, did you ever hear this word from a person's mouth and feel that it was directed straight towards you? I bet you did, or if you didn't: you will. This is a guarantee. 

You see, people possess this paradox. 
They like to talk about the goodness of the human heart, but they actually enjoy rudeness, violence, murder and offensiveness very much indeed. Yes, this is a paradox. Don't tell me you never felt the urge to put somebody down with evil words just because they felt stupid to you at the moment or you wanted to feel superior. You did, but you simply would never allow yourself to admit this. Why do we do this? 

Why do we have to behave the way that we behave? I know I'm asking all the right questions. But who will give me the answers? Nobody knows. But when you take a look at all the psychological bullshit that experts throw at our faces, you know that it doesn't feel right. It never did feel right in the first place. What to do?Some say, "world peace is the best solution". Are you kidding me? Whose leg are you trying to pull, the leg of the public or your own leg, for crying out loud?! World peace is an illusion that will never happen and we all know this, but we avoid talking about it because it is easier to live in an ideological lie. Well, if it makes you feel better, go right ahead, but I assure you: living in an imaginary "cloud number 456" world never brought anybody any good, nor will it bring you any good. Why is this so?

Because of the fact that we actually enjoy to put people down sadistically, we will never be able to obtain world pace. This is a fact. PERIOD.

- Piper Blurred


In the 21st century, people often forget what children are. They forget that children are a product of love and respect. Children are a part of your family. They are you and they are not you at the same time. They are a better version of your genetic code. They are a wealth that we are blessed with. Without them, there can be no future. But still, people tend to forget what they mean. What are the consequences of this?

A lot of bad things happen to children. You can see or hear about this in the news every day. People abuse, beat, torture and even rape children. For example: a man raped his little daughter for years. When she told her mother, the woman didn’t believe her! When the police discovered the whole thing, the child was taken away from the parents and put into a foster home where they abused her again! Children are being treated like dirt on a daily basis. Nobody is doing anything concrete to stop this. If children have become an endangered species these days, what kind of a future awaits them? Do they even have one?

If we keep on living like this, children will lose all connections to humanity. We live in a fast and bad way, and children watch us and do everything that we do. For example: a married couple owns a company and they trick people and take their money every day. Their child watches this; listens to them do this all the time. When this child grows up, he/she will think this is completely normal. People constantly forget that children will turn into adults eventually. If they are in a bad environment, they will grow up into bad adults. People are aware of this and unfortunately they make little or no effort to fix this. Why don’t governments react?

I think the governments want to keep things the way they are. I’m not saying that some governments didn’t try to do something. I’m just saying that they want to turn children into robots. They need a ruthless and unemotional army to fight their wars in the future. They let companies sell violent video games and they let movie producers make violent movies. They brainwash children with sugar packed candy and stories of criminal heroism every day. How am I sure of this? I am sure because if governments really wanted to stop this, they would. That’s why they are governments! They control their countries and if they passed a prohibition or did something similar, they would put an end to this. But they are not doing it. Isn't this enough proof of their intentions? Why is this happening at all?

We are unconsciously preparing for wars. The governments are influencing people and giving them hints that there will be a war soon. Just take a look at the news; you don’t need more proof than that. They need armies with no feelings, no morality. They need killer machines and they are trying to turn our kids into some kind of organic robots that will have no mercy on a battlefield. But do we really want our children to fight a war that isn’t even theirs? I suppose a regular person would answer with a no, but our actions show a different answer. In a world like this, what kind of hope can young people have if they want to start a family?

The way we treat children doesn’t give young people and future parents any hope at all. They don’t even know how they would protect their child from brutal situations. They are afraid to start a family because of what is going on. For example: a friend of mine really wants to have a child. She is young, about 20 years old and her goal is to have a huge family. But when she started reading the newspaper every day she was shocked at how many children are kidnapped and raped monthly. She then told me she is afraid of having a child because she wouldn’t know how to save him/her. She even cried when she was talking about this. Future parents don’t know how to protect their child anymore. Many young couples even give up on having a child because of this. Will the meaning of family fall to pieces in the future?

Parents have to find a way to protect their children by any means necessary. I don’t mean that they have to lock their children in a room and never let them out! They have to try and explain to a child what’s going on in the world. This is difficult. Some parents don’t know how to explain the word “death” to a child until it turns 13! They don’t have to scare their children; they can explain bad things to them in a peaceful manner so that the child doesn’t completely freak out. If parents don’t find a way to do this, then future parents will completely lose their wishes to create a family. If there are no children, that means there will be no humans in the future. What’s the point in having kids if we don’t know how to save them?I could talk about this for days. I could even tell you that everything is going to be okay and that we will find a way to preserve the lives of children. I could also write you down a huge list of things that we should do. But I am not going to do any of this. I am going to be negative. Deep down inside we all know what’s going to happen, and it isn’t going to be anything good. We are aware of this as a giant community and no matter how hard we try to save our offspring, we won’t succeed. It’s already too late. I just hope that we will manage to at least remind ourselves how valuable children are. A great poet Kahlil Gibran wrote the best definition of children I ever read:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts, 
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.” 

¹Gibran, Kahlil. The Prophet. Knopf. 1923.
The Word That Doesn't Exist

Many people live in absolute poverty. They go to bed hungry. Their children are undernourished. They cannot go to a doctor because they have no money. Some have never even seen a real hospital. Many of them die because they cannot get any food. Their children are unable to go to school or play games on a computer. These people don’t have the luxury of choosing the color of their clothes. They cannot afford holiday celebrations. They do not have cars or jewelry. Their children do not have toys or expensive cell phones. Many of them don’t even have a roof above their heads. Sometimes, they get donations. Sometimes, they don’t.

Many people often use the word humanity. I think that, sometimes, they don’t even understand the meaning of this word. If we were all so humane, things would be different. There would not be so many hungry children in the world. Let me give you an example: humanity is giving money to starving children in Africa instead of spending it on a gay parade. Humanity is buying cottages for poor and homeless people instead of spending money on a meaningless action movie that costs millions of dollars. Humanity is feeding children and building schools for them instead of wasting money on useless bombs. There are many other examples of “humanity” that I could write down. I am not going to do that because I think that “humanity” does not exist.

Humanity is a “Hollywood blockbuster movie” lie. We invented it to feel better and to say that we helped, but in reality we did not. Humanity is our excuse when we donate one measly dollar online, without even checking if the money is really going to reach the ones that desperately need it. “Humanity” feeds our conscience with lies when we go shopping. It suffocates the voice that tells us “stop it and do something” and stuffs our emotions away, in the back of our heads. It would be wonderful if it really existed.

Food and money will turn into bigger problems in the future. In my opinion, the hungry and the poor will start a riot, and many people that are willing to help will join. This riot will be the biggest riot in history! They have every right to do this. Nothing will be able to stop them until they get what they want. I think that too many facts are provoking them to start a revolt. These facts are provoking them on a daily basis. “For the price of one missile, a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years1 I can only imagine how a group of poor people feel when they read or hear something like this.

One problem is that some of the world's poorest countries owe hundreds of billions of dollars in debt to many of the more developed countries. This restricts the ability of the government to spend money to improve local conditions because the government instead spends money repaying other governments. Many are calling for the developed countries to cancel their debt, which would mean that the less developed country would not have to repay it.2 If these debts were cancelled, many people would breathe easier. In reality, I don’t think they will ever be cancelled completely. I can’t imagine a rich politician from the European Union giving up a few thousand Euros of his enormous salary in order to save hundreds of starving children from death. Maybe I am wrong, but I think that most of the people I know would agree with me.

What to do? How to solve this? Are the lives of millions of children so spendable? Is a fancy car that I want more important than a mother who curses God every day because her starving baby died in her arms? Is filming a 3D movie more important than people who don’t have access to hospitals? Is it acceptable that an individual has more money than an entire country? Are we humans or little demons that run around places and complain about luxuries we could not get immediately? Are gay rights more important than the right of a human to eat? Is developing new gadgets more important than developing the economy of poor countries?

If I was a billionaire, I would momentarily spend most of my money on the poor and hungry. Trust me; it would take me a month to spend it all on them. I would do many things to help them properly. I would open a thousand farms or factories and get them jobs. They would have a proper salary. Their children could have a normal life. I would leave a small amount of my money to myself, just so that I could invest it into something and help people even more. You are probably thinking: “Well yes, you say that now. But would you really do it if you actually had billions of dollars?” Yes, I would. I am sick of money. If it was up to me, money would not exist at all.

We will never solve this problem. We don’t understand most things in life. We are selfish, self-centered and weak. I believe that most people don’t even care about the hungry and the poor. We think we helped when we signed up for a petition on Facebook or when we donated a couple of dollars online in one year. The “Consumer’s Society” is consuming us, and we created it. Our brains have turned into mashed potatoes and advertisements. Fashion is more important than death. We are climbing up a mountain from which we will not be able to descend. One day, we will come to our senses. On that day, however, it will be too late. It already is. How many more have to die?

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1. Projects by Students for Students. “The World Hunger Problem: Facts, Figures and Statistics”. Oracle’ Think Quest: Education Foundation. URL: http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291/high/present/stats.htm (Viewed online: 12/17/2010)
2. Same as above.

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What is Normal?

When we say that a person is normal, what exactly do we mean? What defines normality? Who decided what is normal and what is not? Should a society define normality according to their rules of life? Why is the definition of being normal so subjective? What if what we think is normal actually isn’t?
Many people are unable to accept something new and unusual. They automatically think it is crazy, inappropriate or mad. I can give you many examples. Just take a look at our history! What happened to Galileo? Everybody thought he was crazy because he claimed that the world is round. Well, apparently he was right. But at that time, he was considered a madman! What happened to the witches? In the Middle Ages, people burned witches because they were considered mad and demonic. Instead, witches were probably women who had different opinions and lived their lives in a more unusual way than the rest. What about gay people? Some people still think that there is something wrong with them. Why can’t we accept something different? We know that people are different. Nobody is the same. Then why are we so judgmental?

In my opinion, most people can’t accept something different because it tells them that things are not always the same. Different things invade most people’s opinions. Different things show them that there is an alternative to their thoughts. I think that most people are afraid of alternatives. It is difficult to accept something new and different if you had the same opinions throughout your entire life. For instance, a woman who was brought up in a Catholic family can’t accept the fact that some people have sex before marriage. She thinks that people who do this are inappropriate, crazy or unmoral. But are they?

I believe that there are no normal or crazy people, except for people who really have a serious mental illness. The meaning of normality is very subjective and it is impossible to determine if somebody’s behavior is normal or not. For example: Fred is very religious. On the other hand, Ben is not. Ben likes to drink and go to rave parties. Fred thinks Ben is crazy. Other people, who are similar to Ben, think that he is completely normal. He just wants to have fun. 

Most people have high opinions of themselves; they think they are intellectual and modern. Well, if they are so modern, why do they still reject gays, tattoos, piercings or heavy metal music? This is very contradictory. You cannot claim that you are modern and open minded if you still cannot accept something new and unusual to you. I know this, from personal experience. I have two tattoos; both of them are on my wrists. When I reach out for something with my hands, they are very visible. I plan on getting more. Some people who I know, who say that they are very modern, gasped when they saw my tattoos. They said: “Oh my God! You are crazy! How could you do that? Why on your wrists? Why didn’t you hide them?! Why did you do it?” But before I got them, when I was just telling them that I was planning on getting them, they were completely different. They said they loved tattoos. See what I mean?

We say that every person is different. Well, if we truly think so, then we should learn how to accept different things. If something is unusual, it does not mean that it is not “normal” or that it should be banned. We have to learn how to accept our fellow human. For instance, I do not like gay people. I don’t hate them; I never offended a gay person in my entire life. Two very good friends of mine are gay. I just don’t like the idea. However, I never said they were crazy, mad or inappropriate. I simply think that gay is against Mother Nature. But, I have accepted the fact that some people are gay and I will never say anything offensive about them. I accepted them, in my head. People are entitled to live their lives the way they want to, as long as their way of living doesn’t hurt someone. We should learn how to accept various things if we truly want to be modern and intellectual.

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Technology Will Be The Death of Us

You have to admit, the human brain is a complicated thing. We have no idea what is going on in our thick heads. Still, we manage to "spit out" fabulous technological inventions that people could only dream of a hundred years ago. On the other hand, our behavior is so "infantile" that sometimes I doubt we managed to invent anything. 

Yes, computers are useful. But should we integrate them so much into our lives? We have hands and feet. We don't need all the gadgets we use in order to live a good life. Why invent 3D television? 2D is enough. Nobody thinks that way anymore. I guess that's the reason why communism could not survive. We cannot tell when something is enough. Sometimes, you don't need to push it. Just stop where you are, and savor the goddamn moment of pleasure. Don't scratch it out and start building something new just because you can.

We have all these beautiful creations around us, but we use them to destroy as we go. We are like little children: what we make, we break! We have really advanced technology, which means we have the materials to save our environment but we are not doing it. If the entire world used renewable energy resources, we could solve many problems. But we are so greedy, and underdeveloped, that we don't realize that we have great powers in our hands. We keep on using them for the wrong things. This is so bad. It makes me feel like I gave a toddler the keys to my car. He will have an accident before he even manages to turn the car on. 

Well, maybe this was a bad comparison but I guess you figured out what I mean. 
What to do? 

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Our Lives In This Wretched Second Millennium

What are we waiting for?! 
We moan and we whine about human rights and gay parades, while millions of little children starve in the deserts of Africa. You want the new i-phone and you cry because you cannot have it, while you don't give a rat's ass about the soldiers and innocent civilians who died in Iraq or Afghanistan. 
Today, we are complete hypocrites. We know this, but we keep silent because we are trying to avoid the brutal truth with our stupid silence. We let sleazy politicians do all the dirty work for us, but what we don't realize is that they are tearing up the economy and killing innocent babies for a new Ferrari. We are unsatisfied because our favorite night clubs don't have our favorite boring cocktails, but we don't care about the environment and all the floods that are destroying the lands of innocent farmers. 

Our entire life is based on:

1. GO to school, study hard.

2. GO to college (if you can pay it), study even harder. Don't think about your life or anything else, just study and work like a poor little rain worm. 

3. Get a boring job that you do not even like, just so that you can pay off your scholarship and find a decent home to live in.

4. Marry. Who? It obviously doesn't matter! Just marry anyone and have kids with anyone so that you can fulfill the social standard and say: "HEY DUDE! I have a family! Look at my kid, he'll be a doctor/lawyer one day!!!" 

5. WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. And don't forget your mortgage!!!!!

6. Retire, with nothing in your memories that could satisfy you. 

7. Die. You are an unnecessary expense to your country and to your so-called family. Especially if you are sick! Your kids can't wait to put you in a retirement home and get rid of you once and for all. Then you realize: "Oh gee, I have not lived my life the way I wanted to. I followed the social standard, and now look where I am! My bladder is falling out of me, a ugly nurse is wiping my ass every morning and I have no purpose to live again. Then you actually roll over and die!

You work for money, and you spend money on work. Yes, my fellow man, because after all: this is the way it is! This is the godforsaken social standard of the new century! You are a zombie, a living corpse that is hypnotized by television and ridiculous comedy movies and teenage American drama movies. Yes, there are individuals who are trying to fight against this pointless regime. But like I said, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! Are you waiting for God to come down from a cloud and kick your ass? Are you waiting for an imaginary leader to pop out of the ground and tell you what to do!? Get off your asses, turn of your stupid Facebook or your boring television and DO SOMETHING! Your lives are at stake here! You are acting as if you don't care, while in truth: you are all slowly going crazy. I have gone crazy already.

And what about the YOUTH?! I am ashamed of you! You would rather have your pointless SWEET SIXTEEN parties than you would help somebody who is starving or who needs a few bucks just to survive because he/she cannot find a job for years. You talk about rebellion and boycott, but you are the real zombies. The regime has already sucked you into a turmoil you cannot escape from. Get up, fight, stand up to the social suffocating standard of today and show them that YOU HAVE A BRAIN! Show those suckers that you are not a bunch of mindless teenagers who like to use LSD and get wasted on college parties. Show them, you can do it!

And remember:
Don't let the system deceive you. Whatever they say on TV is an enormous lie. Never forget that.

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There is one thing I don't understand.

Most people in the world complain about their countries. However, they have done nothing to change the conduct of their governments. Have people forgotten that the governments are actually chosen by them? And even after certain politicians show that they are not qualified for their positions, people still vote for them?

I think that people are afraid of a good change. When you get used to something, it is hard for you to give up on it or replace it with something else. Take cell phones, for instance. An individual is used to buying Sony Ericsson cell phones. If Sony Ericsson suddenly dropped on quality, that person would still continue to buy their cell phones out of habit. The person would never question if it would be better to change to a brand that has better performance, that didn't drop on quality. It's the same thing with politicians and governments.

Many constitutions violate the incitement of riots and revolutions. But how can people change anything in a different way if governments are deaf to their pleas?

It probably would not be proper of me to write about riots and rebellions and revolutions (and everything similar) because one would suppose that I am trying to persuade people. But if we have no other means of communication with our governments, then I am afraid to say a riot is very much needed.

It's not that difficult. All you need to do is:

1. Post an underground advertisement that will announce a time, date and place where a demonstration group should be formed. It would be best if all or most of the population of a city, county or village gathered. This is difficult, but it is a MUST.

2. All people should gather at the time, date and place and bring a poster, bulletin or a transparent that will convoke a certain message. Some should carry sticks (just in case the police attacks them, and they will.)

3. Good music should be played on boom boxes that a few would carry on their shoulders.

4. The crowd should march on the city town hall or supreme court or something of the sort.

5. They should march right in and throw out all the individuals that they don't like and strip them of their jurisdictions and power.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well it is. All you need is willpower.
Any questions, answers, ideas, thoughts or opinions you can leave here or send to: hits.of.sunshine@hotmail.com
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Bomb Building and Throwing Hates On Governments
(The Sunday Piece of News That Made My Day)

North Koreans decided to build a new and more better atomic bomb. An American scientist visited their quickly built Uranium plant. The Koreans threw out the U.S. administration out of their country once already. And now, of course, the Americans just have to poke their nose where it doesn't belong (no offense to anyone) and their "concerned" for what is going to happen if they "allow" Koreans to proceed with their Uranium plant.

There is one thing I just can't understand. Why does America always have the feeling that they are obliged to "babysit" other countries? Who are they to tell Korea what and what not to do with their Uranium? I'm not saying that building a new and better atomic bomb is good, it's just that the U.S. thinks they need to control everybody. In reality, if they hadn't behaved like this for the past few years nobody would have gotten the feeling that they have to build new bombs. I guess Korea feels like their being placed through the looking glass and they want to shake Obama's underpants a little bit. Nevertheless, the thing that is "poking me in the eye" the most is: why spend money on a bomb when you can spend money on education or hungry children? Governments have gone completely berserk. They are so eager to play war that they have forgotten what are the consequences of a war. Looks like we will all die pretty soon and we can't stop it.

Or can we?

Think about it for a moment. If people from all around the world marched on their governments at the same time and at the same day, governments would be easily overthrown and we could paint ourselves a fresh beginning. Let's make a riot! ("How To Make a Riot: TUTORIAL" coming soon on my blog!) 

Let's give our children a future. Am I not right? I could list you about 50 links that would take you to articles and all of them are the same: bombs, Uranium, Plutonium and most of them have the U.S. or Korea or Afghanistan involved. Why? Why am I constantly reading articles like these?

And what's wrong with the U.S.? America used to be the land where all your dreams come true. When I was a child and thought of America, I would imagine pleasant and happy people running around their big cities. Now when I think of America, I can clearly see Obama and his administration sitting in a dark room and spying on all the countries in the world at the same time. 

What's up with that?

(NOTE: I apologize if I offended any citizen of the U.S. in this text, but I have nothing against you or any person from America. I just hate governments, all of them actually.)

Any questions, ideas or responses you can give me here or send them to: hits.of.sunshine@hotmail.com
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